Who We Are

Our mission is to delight our members every time they open a box from ezGlobalShop by treating each package as if it was our own.

Clients love ezGlobalShop!

e-Commerce is global, and now so are you. When you use ezGlobalShop, every online store becomes accessible. You no longer need to check if the store ships to your country before you make a purchase. ezGlobalShop takes advantage of state-of-the-art logistics centers to provide fast, reliable international shipping services.

ezGlobalShop enables international shoppers to shop in the United States and ship any purchased commodity to 241 countries around the world.

While international shipping will always be more expensive than domestic, ezGlobalShop can minimize costs with Value-Added Services, which can lower the price of international shipping by as much as 80%!

Our Value-Added services include package consolidation, photo previews, return and abandon package services, and so on.

Your Business, Your Package, Your Choice

Instead of narrowing down your options with only one international shipping carrier, we can always select the one you want. From the United States Postal Service, FedEx, to DHL (with more carriers coming), we keep your options open. Visit our "Shipping Calculator" to see price comparisons between carriers for yourself!

The Advantages of ezGlobalShop

ezGlobalShop is perfect for both personal and business use, opening up the world of e-Commerce to you and your company. Whether you want to use ezGlobalShop for yourself or a business, we make international shipping simple:

Registration: Once you sign up for ezGlobalShop, you’ll receive two U.S. sales tax free shipping addresses, to which you can have all your U.S. purchases sent.

Go Shopping: Go shopping on any U.S. e-Commerce site you like. Need special parts from Amazon or maybe a limited edition perfume straight from Saks Fifth Avenue? They may as well be next door now! Just shop normally, and use your ezGlobalShop address in the shipping form of the site’s shopping cart.

Customize Your Shipment: Once we receive your item, we can hold it while others arrive (Package Consolidation), we can provide photographs of the content (Photo Preview), add package insurance and many other value-added services, allowing you to create the perfect shipping experience. All you need to do is log in to your account and pick what value-added service you like. After you have selected your preferences, ezGlobalShop will ship all your items to your home or business address using whichever carrier you specify, and at whatever speed you like.

360zebra Group is an international logistics group established in California, USA, specializing in providing full-service logistics solutions for global e-commerce.

As a well-known brand in the global cross-border e-commerce logistics industry, 360zebra has positively revolutionized the market for decades and accumulated a wealth of experience and strength in the cross-border logistics business.

360zebra has established state-of-the-art global logistics centers in several countries in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia: Los Angeles, Delaware, Chicago, Oregon, USA; Hamburg, Germany; London, UK; Sydney, Australia; Osaka, Japan; Inchon, Korea; Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao and Hong Kong, China, etc., providing diversified and customized warehousing and fulfillment services.

360zebra provides comprehensive logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce business, e-commerce platforms, foreign trade importers and exporters, and overseas purchasing customers, including overseas warehousing, overseas cargo consolidation and forwarding, bonded warehousing, VMI inventory management, cross-border main route transportation, import and export customs clearance, global fulfillment, return and exchange management, supply chain finance, procurement, payment and logistics solutions.

Safety, accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the key requirements of cross-border e-commerce logistics business. 360zebra has optimized the performance of its automation equipment for each logistics center, and is committed to Zero Tolerance of Errors to provide comprehensive one-stop services to customers with unsurpassed quality, high efficiency and low cost.

We will endeavor to add and upgrade more logistics centers, and construct and optimize automation systems in our logistics centers in more countries. 360zebra will continue to implement cutting-edge technologies and innovations that put our customers and their business first. We will do our utmost to not only meet the demands of our clients, but to exceed them.

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