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Service Agreement

ezGlobalShop (hereinafter referred to as the Website) offers its members global e-commerce logistics services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”), and develops its “ezGlobalShop Member Service Agreement” (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”) as follows. The contents of this Service Agreement include the text in the Agreement and all of the various rules that ezGlobalShop has already and will announce in the future. All rules cannot be separated from the Agreement, and the text in the Agreement has equal legal effects.

When users are using the various services offered by ezGlobalShop, they are committed to accept and abide by the various related rules. ezGlobalShop reserves the rights to draft and modify this Agreement and various rules without prior notice. If any changes are made to this Agreement, ezGlobalShop will publish a notice on its Website to notify its users. If users disagree with any changes, they must terminate usage of “this Service”. Amended Agreement will take effect immediately upon publication. The various rules will be effective after they have been announced, and they will become a part of this Agreement. Login or continued usage of this Service indicates that users have accepted the amended Agreement. Except as otherwise expressly stated, any new information that results in the broadening of the range of, or the increase in the functions of this Agreement are under constraints of this Agreement.

After the user has confirmed this Agreement, this Service Agreement takes legal effect between the user and ezGlobalShop. Please read the contents of the Service Agreement carefully before registration, if you have any questions, please contact ezGlobalShop.

Membership Eligibility

A member is referred to that stated on this Agreement, wherein a membership application form from this Company’s operational services is submitted, and approved by this Website to become a member, and after receipt of the membership ID.

Members are not allowed to lend, transfer, buy or sell, or impawn their membership eligibility.

Membership Application

1. Those who are applying for membership (hereinafter referred to as “Membership Applicants”) must submit a registration form online themselves. If the registrant is under 18 years of age, a guarantor must consent to the submission of this registration form.

2. The Membership application process as mentioned above is completed once this Website approves the application. However, if this Website discovers that the Membership applicant belongs to any of the following categories, this Website is entitled to reject the applicant’s membership application. Even if prior approval has been given, membership eligibility may still be canceled.

The membership applicant is under 18 years of age, and has not received consent from his guarantor; The membership applicant has a record of violating the rules in this Agreement or similar actions, resulting in the cancellation of membership eligibility;

The application form submitted by the membership applicant contains false information, misspellings or omissions type errors;

The membership applicant has a record of failure to repay outstanding debts to this Company; The jeopardizing of this Company’s operations and services or the jeopardizing of other members who use this Company’s services, or any existing behavior which displays any obstruction of the aforementioned operations and services;

Other situations wherein this Website feels that the applicant does not meet the certain requirements.

Membership ID and Password Management

1. Upon membership registration, members are responsible to manage their membership ID and password issued by this Company.

2. Members are not allowed to lend, transfer, buy or sell, or impawn their membership ID.

3. Any loss caused by the improper safekeeping of the membership ID and password, misusage etc. is the member’s sole responsibility, and this Website shall not assume any responsibility. The usage of the membership ID and password to access Services is considered as behavior conducted by the member himself, and the member shall assume sole responsibility towards the usage of such services.

4. If you suspect or know that your membership ID or password is known to a third party and may be used illegally, please contact this Website immediately, and follow the instructions given by this Company. In the event that the misusage of the membership ID and password results in this Website suffering losses, the member shall assume responsibility in compensating this Company’s losses.

5. Members are responsible for periodically changing their passwords. Any loss incurred due to the negligence of such responsibility, this Website shall not assume any responsibility.

6. Based on principle, this Website shall not re-issue any membership ID or password unless under special circumstances.

Making Changes to the Application

1. If changes to be made are discovered during the submission of the membership application, please follow the necessary procedures to submit a Change in application immediately.

This Website will send Company notices using the contact method chosen at registration, and will deliver according to the normal time taken for that delivery method.

Treatment of Personal Information

1. The purpose of this Website’s usage of members’ personal information is stated as follows.

2. This Company’s enterprise, as mentioned previously in the various purposes of usage, can combine the usage of this Company’s personal information records and accumulated points etc. These include Membership ID, Name, Gender, Postal address, Telephone number, Address, Company name and associated departments etc., Nickname, Penname, Credit card details, Shopping history and Points.

3. This Website will comply with the Privacy Policy and protect personal information, not providing third parties with any identifiable personal information. However, under the circumstances listed below, this Website may provide personal information.

4. When members are using our services, this Website is allowed to use cookies.

Membership Ending

1. Members can request to end their membership by following this Company’s procedures for ending membership.

2. When a member is deceased, this Website considers the time of death as the time the membership is ended, and the membership ID and password will be discontinued.

Termination of Membership

This Website is entitled to temporarily suspend a member’s eligibility or delete his name without notification or after persuasion, due to the following reasons.

The inappropriate use of the membership ID, password and Services by the member or appointed person;

The member’s failure to add funds within the set time limit;

The confiscation, temporary confiscation, temporary handling, force implementation, bankruptcy and request for civil restructuring of the membership, or upon request by the member himself;

Number of incorrect password entries exceeding this Company’s limit;

The failure to use Services within this Company’s set time limit;

Others, member violation of this Agreement or of certain entries in this Agreement;

Others, when this Website feels that the member fails to satisfy requirements.

Service Contents

This service is known as international e-commerce logistics services.

Because this Website has not established a relationship in the buying and selling of goods with sales merchants, this Website is not considered a witness in the buying and selling contract. Therefore, this Website shall not assume any responsibility related to product defects nor intellectual property rights issues. However, if a member has evidence to prove that the goods were lost or damaged under this Company’s safeguarding period, this rule shall not apply.

Because this Website has not signed any contracts with transportation companies, this Website is not considered a witness in the transportation contract. Therefore, this Website shall not assume any responsibility related to misdelivery, delay, damage or other problems related to transportation caused by transportation accidents, which results in the incurrence of a loss for members. Members have given this Website the rights to the limitations in the transportation agreement on behalf of the member.

Goods Prohibited to Use

The following goods are prohibited to use Services.

Cash and checks, bank drafts, securities and other marketable securities;

Credit cards, debit cards etc.

Passbooks by financial institutions and ATM cards;

The destination of the package cannot easily identify this Company’s merchant code, nor does the package have any other forms of text.

Live plants and animals, dead animals or stuffed animals (including stuffed specimens);

The human body or part of the human body, bones, and tablets;

Stimulants, marijuana, local anesthetics, any drugs that act on the central nervous system and affects one’s mental state, and other illicit drugs;

Guns, swords, weapons, gunpowder, explosives, poisons, toxic chemicals;

Prescription medication, medical instruments;

Child pornography, adult pornographic tapes and other sexual content

Goods that are prohibited or restricted by the import/export country, state, place or independent territory;

Other goods that cannot be transported as stated by the airline or transportation company;

Other goods that this Website feels do not meet requirements.

Pricing and Payment Policy

The fee and pricing structure for Services is as follows. ezGlobalShop reserves the right to amend the pricing structure without prior notice. Prices are calculated based on the good’s weight, and this Company’s calculations are considered the accurate version.

Services fees include the one-way transportation fees from this Website to the members’ area. The member shall pay for any customs duties or other fees incurred during the transportation of the goods from this Website to the members’ area (hereinafter referred to as “special fees”). This Website is not required to pay for any special fees.

Ordering and Delivery Notification

Members should, according to this Company’s contact methods and system, notify ezGlobalShop in advance, the necessary information required to receive the goods.

Goods Inspection

This Website reserves the rights to open any package and inspect its contents. However, the Company is not required to inspect all goods, nor does the result of such inspection guarantee the quality, defect, or authenticity of the goods. Non-guaranteed goods do not violate any related rules or regulations of the place of origin, place of transit, or destination.

If this Website discovers goods that potentially violates “prevention of gains arising from flight of crime” and related rules and regulations while conducting goods inspection as mentioned above, this Website shall report to the police and related departments, and hand over such goods.

This Website shall not assume any responsibility for any loss incurred by the member due to goods inspection and implementation of this entry.

Refusal to Provide Services

If any of the following situations occur or may potentially occur, this Website can choose to reject to provide services even if the job is already accepted.

Goods classified under the ninth entry;

Unable to confirm the member’s location or the delivery address of the goods; Member’s refusal to accept the goods;

The transportation company refuses to transport the goods;

Failure to receive notification for the eleventh entry;

According to the rules in the eleventh entry, if the goods that this Website receives do not match the product information as received by the member’s area;

Held by customs;

When a member violates this agreement;

Other situations wherein this Website does not feel that requirements are met.

Non-forwarded Shipment Disposal

Upon receipt of goods stated in the ninth entry, this Website reserves the right to immediate dispose of such goods or handle them using alternative methods.

When a situation in “Refusal to Provide Service” occurs, if this Website has already received the goods, the goods shall be safeguarded for 45 days.

If a member resolves all violations as stated in the Agreement within the time limit set forth in the first item of this entry, the member may request this Website to deliver the goods to the member’s address or choose any of this Website’s pre-approved methods.

If a member fails to resolve all violations as stated in the Agreement within the time limit set forth in the first item of this entry, this Website reserves the right to sell these goods or handle them using alternative methods.

Once the goods have been sold according to the third line of this entry, this Website can use the money received as insurance, to pay for the fees for the handling of said goods, services fees and other fees.

This Website shall not assume any responsibility for any loss incurred by the member from the handling of said goods according to this entry.

This Website may handle the situation according to the Civil Enforcement Act, regardless of the rules stated in this entry.

Suspension and Termination of Services

1. When any of the following situations occur, this Website reserves the right to suspend or terminate part of or all of its services, without prior notice.

The warranty inspection and renewal of this Company’s equipment and systems required to provide Service;

In the case of fire, power outage, natural disaster, system malfunction etc. which results in difficulty to provide Service;

When the electrical company fails to provide service;

Other situations wherein this Website feels the need to suspend or terminate its services.

2. This Website shall not assume any responsibility for any loss incurred by its members from the suspension or termination of its Services.

Prohibited Behavior

1. When members are using this Website’s services, they are prohibited to undertake or potentially undertake any of the follow behavior;

Behavior related using this Website’s Services for improper goals;

Invade this Website’s or a third party’s intellectual property rights including trademarks, copyrights, appearance patents, invention patents, image rights, advertising rights, and other rights;

Fraud and other criminal acts;

Disguised as a third party to use this Company’s services;

Improper use of this Company’s or the third party’s facilities, or obstruction of operations;

Behavior related to the violation of law, this Agreement or a particular agreement, and violation of public order and morals;

Jeopardizing of this Company’s operations;

Any other behavior that this Website believes does not meet requirements.

2. If this Website incurs any losses due to a member’s violation of this Agreement or a particular agreement, this Website has the right to ask for compensation from the member.

Scope of Usage and Limitations

The explanation and usage of this Website’s services terms and conditions, as well as any issues related to this Website’s Services terms and conditions, is handled according to the laws governing the People’s Republic of China, and arbitration by the Shanghai Arbitration Commission.

Waiver of Responsibility

ezGlobalShop assumes no liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or derivative losses (including, but not limited to, the loss of revenue or profits). ezGlobalShop (hereinafter referred to as The Website) will not bear any responsibility for factors, including, but not limited to, the arising of or resulting from loss, damage, delay delivery, miss-delivery, non-delivery, providing wrong information or failure to provide information, and will not make any adjustments to freight charges, provide refunds or any compensation acts;

1.Due to human behavior, default or negligence from you or from the people with an interest in the shipment;

2.Due to the nature of the consignment or defect, characteristic or inherent defects such as significant damage, etc.

3.Your violation of the airway bill issued by the company, these terms and conditions, service guide, or other agreements, including but not limited to, false declaration of shipment, the packaging of the shipment, security, logo or improper or incomplete address;

3.In the event of a plane crash, enemy invasion, the act or negligence from the local government, the legal authority, customs or quarantine officials, riots, strikes or other areas of dispute, civil unrest, war or inclement weather conditions, or due to a national or regional air or ground transportation system disruption or interference with or failure of the communication system caused by reasons beyond the control of the Company, the Company will make reasonable efforts to transport your goods to the destination and complete the delivery. However, we have no obligation to inform you in the event ofsuch a situation;

4.Caused by the conduct of following the oral or written delivery instructions from you or other senders and recipients;

5.The loss or damage occurred from the package packed and sealed by sender and in the event that the package arrives without damage and with a complete basic package, when the recipient does not raise objections and issue a written broken record;

6.Delays due to customs clearance procedures or the provisions and procedures provided by other competent authorities;

7.Delay due to the failure of making timely confirmation for payment of duties and taxes;

8.The loss of data in tapes, files and other data storage media, or the elimination of photographic image from film exposure or of the soundtrack;

9.Damage caused by your failure to provide sufficient packaging needed for multiple transits;

10.We will not assume responsibility for any costs incurred and the associated consequences arising from re-delivery due to an error, incomplete, incorrect or missing address information provided, thus leading to the inability to contact the recipient.

Submission of Terms and Conditions

I promise that all the information provided regarding the goods is completely accurate. If any information is inaccurate, concealed, false or vague (Concealed: Goods declared differ from actual goods, False: false declaration of the goods’ weight, Vague: undefined declaration, only declared as gifts etc.), I shall assume all responsibility for any delays in customs clearance, or extended delays in customs clearance, storage fees, and any consequences as a result of confiscation and investigation, as well as assume all responsibility for any direct or indirect economical or legal repercussions as a result

I confirm that the air waybill submitted meets the logistics company’s requirements, which sets limits to packaging in order to guarantee safety of transportation. If the online company’s original packaging exceeds the above limits, I authorize ezGlobalShop employees at the shipment collection facility to take the necessary procedures to remediate the issue. Hence, I assume all responsibility for all risks and fees incurred during these procedures.

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